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Maui Fish ID Guide

For more information, go to your closest Boss Frog location for a free Maui Snorkel Chart.

4 spot Butterfly fish
Blue striped Snapper
Goat Fish
Achilles Tang
Black Durgeon
Long Nose Butterfly
Millet Seed Butterfly
Moorish Idol
Parrot Fish
Pennant Fish
Rainbow Wrass
Saddleback Wrasse
Trumpet Fish
Yellow Tang
2 for 1 coupon

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Maui's popular snorkeling activities!

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Make sure to check here for all your Maui Snorkeling tours. Out of all the multiple activities you can do on Maui, snorkeling is the best. If you've never been on some Maui Snorkel Tours, then get to the phone and call a Maui snorkel representative below. Also, get your snorkel gear at Boss Frog Snorkel shops. Get goin' and start having fun in Maui. If you have any questions to ask, call the number below. Mahalo!!

For more Maui Activity info please call 877-628-4453, in Hawaii dial 808-667-2564